August 12, 2008

Convention Pictures-Awards Night

Ok, I told you I would let you know what all awards I won on Awards Night at Convention. I have been asked by several ladies why I have not posted my accomplishments here on my blog and there are two reasons why I haven't. The first was I was having a Hostess Appreciation Day last Saturday August 9th (pictures to come tomorrow) and I wanted to be able to announce to them first my awards since all my past hostesses knew I had set goals for myself at the beginning of last years Stampin' Up! year. The second reason is I really am not one that likes to "brag" about myself but since everyone keeps asking and I really do want to share these great accomplishments with everyone here goes.
Here Darla, Kelly and I are waiting in line so I can visit the Awards Booth to see what awards I won. When you check in on-line (before you leave for convention) Stampin' Up! informs you if you have won an award or not. It only tells you that you won not what it is!!

Well as you can see I was awarded my bag representing "Founder's Circle". I was on cloud 9!!!! To achieve this award you have to be receiving an award for being in the top 100 Demonstrators, top 15 Rising Star or top 10 achievers in the performance bonuses which are personal sales and/or promotions in your downline. The one goal I set for myself at the beginning of last year was that I wanted to be a Rising Star. So receiving this bag told me I had a good chance at being in the top 15 Rising Star, but you do not know until they announce it at Awards Night.

Here I am with my new Founder's Bag, all the stamp sets I also won and the nice lady from Stampin' Up! that gave them to me!!! I got four additional stamp sets out of the brand new Fall/Winter Catalog along with the three we got in our Convention Bag. I received these for my personal sales and my first level promotions in my downline.

I was also awarded a "SAM" which is a service account manager. You usually are awarded one when you reach the level of Manager but you are also awarded one if you achieve the incentive trip. Since I am not a manager yet I received one for achieving the incentive trip. That is the Hawaii trip I achieved for my sales. My husband and I will be traveling to Hawaii next March with everyone else that achieved this awesome trip (about 400 demonstrators). It is all paid by Stampin' Up!, our airfare there and back, our room and what other activities they have planned for us. I can't wait!!!!!

My SAM's name is Samantha Vande Sluis. She is the sweetest!!!!

I was announced as the
#1 RISING STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sooooo super excited!!!!! Believe me waiting for them to announce the names starting at 15 and my name wasn't called I was like "maybe I didn't make it". Then they got to number 1 and the only thing I said (as I was squeezing Kelly's hand) was "what if it isn't me??"

Well it was me!!!!! Here is the picture of 14 of us out of 15 with Shelli.


Here is a picture of my goodies I got. My bag, my notebook (a gift from our SAM's), my roses and my very own first ever piece of Tiffany's jewelry!!!

Yep, the top 5 Rising Stars got a Tiffany's necklace.

And the bag says Tiffany's too!!!!!

Well after Rising Star I thought I was done but nooooo my name was called again!!!!!!! Yep I was in the top 100 Demonstrators of the year too!!!! I was dieing!!!!

#50 Demonstrator of the year!!!!!

This was our entertainment for the night. Tonic Sol-fa group. They were awesome and if you haven't had a chance to listen to the You Tube video I posted the other day you need to. They are great and soooo funny!!!

Kelly, me, Darla and Twila all dressed up. Don't we all look so pretty??

Darla and I having some fun after awards night is over.
We are wound to tight to go back to our room and sleep!!!
Kelly and I


Jana Emmert said...

Congratulations Tiffany! That is awesome!!

kraftykathy1 said...

I am so glad you posted it- when you were #1 rising star, I was like OMG- that's Tiffany!
Way to go girl!

BTW- your SAM's name is Sam, don't you think that's funny?

Emily said...

OMG Tiffany!! Congratulations! You go girl! =) What an incredible accomplishment!

Twila said...

Congrats, Tiffany! All your hard work paid off for you. It was so fun to spend convention with you, Kelly, and Darla. I finally got my voice back 3 days after we got home. It was so fun to be able to know someone who got the #1 Rising Star! You go girl!

Caroline said...

how fabulous!! I look forward to seeing you at Founder's Circle -- you're going to love it!

Caroline in Toronto :)

Mary A said...

Congratulations again, Super STAR!! SO excited for you!

Liz said...

Wowza!!! Congratulations on being the #1 Rising Star and the Top 50th demonstrator!!! That pink bag is beautiful, and I can't wait to see what you do with the stamps you won! WTG! And I'm glad you were able to call and get the stamps you missed. :D

Marilyn said...

WOOOHOOOO for you Tiffany!!!! OHMMMMMMMMYYYY! I'm so excited for you!! I wish I could've been there to cheer for you!! You set a goal and reached it and that is so awesome!!!! It's so exciting to see someone win that you know!!

KJ said...

Yay YOU!!! I'm so proud of you setting your goal and achieving it like you did!!

Also, those pics look good considering I was taking them while crying! LOL!

heyhoewarren said...

Congratulations Tiffany!!! That's awesome news! Looks like you had a fabulous time at convention.

Nicole said...

Tiffany, I was so excited to see you get #1 Rising Star and #50 Demonstrator of the Year! You deserve both! Congratulations!!