September 24, 2008

Founder's Circle Day 2

Our second day at Founder's Circle was a free day until 9:30pm when we got together for our business share.
Since this was a free day some of us ladies decided to go to Zion Natural Park. I am so glad I went with these awesome ladies!!! First of all I got to meet some great ladies, share lots of great business tips and see some beautiful scenery!!

Isn't it just breath taking??

Some of us on our hike we all went on. It was so nice to get out and walk though this beautiful scenery.

Photo opt!!

Fast forward to the evening for our business share.
Yes, we are ALL in our jammies!!!! We were to meet in the Gathering Room in our jammies, have some snacks, do our organized swap and then listen to fellow ladies share their awesome ideas on how to fun their business.
I learned alot this evening and want to thank everyone that shared their ides!!
Here are some ladies lined up for our organized swap. I loved this and got sooooo many awesome cardfronts that I can now share with my customers.

And yes, Shelli is actually working on her cardfront swap. We all got her swap the last night before we left.

We all received this little package at the business share. It contained a pen and notebook for us to take notes with. Too cute!!!!

Glenda and I.

Some fellow ladies sporting their jammies!!!

AND when we went back to our rooms for the night we all had bed candy waiting for us!!!!
Boy did they spoil us!!!!!!!!

We received the matching wallet to our bag we all received at convention for achieving Founder's Circle.
Until tomorrow when I reveal day 3 pictures and goodies.

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Vickie said...

Hey Tiffany!! LOVE your pic's!! It look like you had a fantastic time!!!