September 25, 2008

Founder's Circle Day 3

Here are some pictures from Day #3 at Founder's Circle. Enjoy!!
Before we left for Founder's Circle we were asked if we where going to go on the trip to Kanab to see where all the stamps are made. Of course I jumped at the chance to see this awesome place!!! And let me tell you it was awesome!!!

Inside there were things all done up with Stampin' Up! product. Here Stacie (RS #3) and I are trying to capture a great picture of this mirror done in DSP with us in it!!

While touring this facility we found out that Shelli has her very own apartment inside the building!! It is great!!! They said she will stay there sometimes or opens it up to her family at times. It is all decorated with Shelli's touch everywhere!!

We just had too!!!!!
Here the top 3 Rising Stars just had to jump into Shelli's bathtub and take a picture!!
Myself #1, Stacie #3 & Ruth #2
This rock greets you when you arrive at the facility. Great photo opt!!

After touring the facility they took us to the park where Stampin' Up! provides chopped up rubber that is either messed up or trimmed during the process of making the stamps. It makes great cushion for the playground. It was so awesome to see all this rubber everywhere I just had to take my shoes off and dig my feet in!!!

Karen and I playing with rubber!!!!

We tried to get a full picture of all the Rising Stars before we headed back to our hotel but we could only round up 13 of us (the other two must have gotten back on the buses way too fast).

We took 3 buses on our trip.

Robin and I taking a self portrait.

What an awesome lady!!

This is the hotel we stayed at in Utah. Look at those houses up on top.

After we arrived back from our trip we had some bed candy waiting for us!!!!
I am getting soooooo spoiled!!

Look at this beautiful necklace that was hand made for each of us.

This evening we had dinner on our own so some of us went over to Izzy's that was right next door to our hotel. Great food.
After dinner a bus full of us went to see a play called Up the River at an outside Amphitheater.
This was first for me and I loved it!!!
Stay tuned for the last day of Founder's Circle tomorrow.


Kathy W said...

looks like so much fun!

Liz said...

I'm loving the pictures and that you're sharing this experience with us! Looks fabulous!

Marilyn said...

What awesome pictures and what a wonderful place - I would love to go visit St. George sometime - it looks so gorgeous in the pictures - what an amazing time you had - and you so deserved it too!